At Unit we transform services and organisations guided by a Public Design approach

We approach organisational transformation processes in complex environments from a Design perspective, recognising that every service innovation problem is a public problem. Based on this approach, we work under seven principles:

  • 1. People-Centered

    We focus design processes on the needs of the people that make and surround the ecosystem.

  • 2. Systemic thinking

    We understand organisations and their services as part of a complex and dynamic environment made of an ecosystem of multiple sectors, people, organisations and interests that we recognise and put in collaboration to generate holistic transformations.

  • 3. Interdisciplinary approach

    We investigate through multidimensional formats of rigorous evidence generation with quantitative methods, digital ethnography and social research.

  • 4. Management of complexities

    We consider well-managed conflict as a powerful opportunity for change and innovation to create value through the interaction and contribution of multiple actors of diverse nature, position, power and perspective.

  • 5. Mobilising experiences

    Our projects are collective learning experiences themselves, that seek to mobilize people who participate in them

  • 6. Concrete results

    We balance long-term interventions with concrete results in the short term. We work on the basis of prototypes that allow us to demonstrate and communicate the value of things and to iterate at low cost.

  • 7. Vision and global network

    We are part of several international networks that allow us to strengthen approaches and keep abreast of new trends. We combine global visions of problems with solutions that respond to concrete problems at the local level.