Laboratories of Creative Economies and Cultures
Laboratories of Creative Economies and Cultures

What we did:

We developed collaborative and participatory processes that we have named Laboratories of Creative Economy. Laboratories are sectoral and territorial participatory processes, which seek to produce valuable and relevant information for the design of policies and public instruments on creative economies and cultures, in which knowledge is built in conjunction with the relevant actors of the ecosystem.

During the last two years, Unit has been the strategic partner of the Executive Secretariat of Creative Economies of Chile and the Secretary of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture in its design and implementation.


  • Seven participatory laboratories carried out.
  • The realisation of more than 100 collaborative workshops.
  • Seven reports with actionable knowledge for the creation of new instruments for creative economies created.
  • More than 600 cultural agents mobilised.


Key project attributes


collaborative workshops


cultural agents mobilised