OGP: Playbook for open government in cities
OGP: Playbook for open government in cities

What we did

OGP is a platform that seeks to bring local governments and non-governmental stakeholders together to make their governments more open, inclusive and responsive.

With the aim of supporting local governments in this process, we have created a playbook with guidance, guidelines and tools for creating an open government action plan. The playbook was created using an exploration process based on reference research, a review of material and interviews with experts. Along with this, we worked with public servants from various local governments around the world to co-create the key phases, processes and tools that could help other local governments become successful in this process.


  • Participants from 14 local governments, including participants from the Basque Country, Sao Paulo, Ontario, South Cotabato, Paris, Scotland, La Libertad, among others.
  • Playbook made available with support tools to create open government plans.