Renca’s “La Fábrica”
Renca’s “La Fábrica”

What we did:

We developed the conceptual, functional, programmatic, and branding design of the Council Corporation Renca Crece, transforming it into La Fábrica, a centre of innovation and entrepreneurship for the council. La Fábrica was the product of a collaborative process in which, during the pandemic, more than 85 people participated at the multi-sectoral level: council and community teams and representatives from academia, the private sector, civil society, and public innovation. At the end of April 2021, this project became the only public service to be recognised by the Pulse Sustainability Hub in the ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ category of the Sustainable Initiative Awards 2020.



  • Institution created and deployed in the municipality of Renca.
  • La Fábrica is a national benchmark as a space to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, becoming the only public service awarded by the Pulso Sustainability Hub in the ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ category of the 2020 Sustainable Initiatives Awards


multisectoral agents were part of the project


place in the ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ category from the Pulso Sustainability Hub "Iniciativas Sustentables 2020" awards

"La Fábrica has managed to make visible an early vision of the municipal authority regarding the democratisation of innovation. This translates into the possibility of moving the centre of gravity of innovation, which is usually associated with sophisticated or high-income communities and spaces, to a territory characterised by economic and social vulnerability".

Gabriela Elgueta, Director - La Fábrica de Renca