SAVIA: A Biopackaging global open innovation challenge
SAVIA: A Biopackaging global open innovation challenge

What we did:

We designed the strategy, structure, platform, and stakeholder engagement plan of CMPC’s first global open innovation competition in biopackaging, Savia. This challenge seeks sustainable packaging solutions with high scalability potential, which generate value for people and contribute to overcoming global challenges relevant to the future of the industry and the climate crisis. In total, 59 people and/or startups from 22 different countries applied. The ten shortlisted went on to a demo day, where they were able to pitch in front of a series of jurors. The six teams which won are currently scaling their solutions for CMPC’s value chains.


  • Open innovation platform designed, installed and operating for CMPC.
  • Six new global solutions being added to the CMPC Biopackaging value chain.


winning teams are now scaling their solutions in CMPC's value chains


individuals and/or startups applied from 22 different countries